About Us

We are a diverse group of people who all are interested in beekeeping for a wide range of reasons from honey production, to producing and protecting pollinators, to simply for the sake of preserving this magnificent creature.

Our club is dedicated to the education of the public, to provide mentors to new beekeepers, and to the continuing education of the experianced beekeeper.

The club can be contacted via our officers below, by social media, or by mail to:

Hoke County Beekeepers
P.O. Box 1394
Raeford, NC 28376

Matt Clark
Email: prez@hokecountybeekeepers.com
Vice President
Russ HoskinsEmail:viceprez@hokecountybeekeepers.com
Jackie HoughEmail: jhoughrsf@aol.com
Rachel CookEmail: moneybee@hokecountybeekeepers.com
Outreach Coordinator
Rodney Medley
Email: smartbee@hokecountybeekeepers.com
Becky Sasala
Email: webbee@hokecountybeekeepers.com

Questions regarding the website may be directed to the webmaster.